The MPe computer is dedicated for use with all types of e-vehicles.

Would you like to make riding your e-bike much more comfortable and safe?

Explore the features of the MPe computer.

MPe computer for e-bike
Mini Oled Display
The MPe computer and home screen / Komputer MPe i ekran główny
Home screen

The MPe computer is especially recommended for e-bikes made from scratch.

Know your range with the remaining battery.

Remaining battery range / Zasięg na pozostałej baterii
Pedal assist (PAS) to each driver / Wspomaganie Pas do każdego sterownika

Add pedal assist (PAS) to each controller.

Manage throttle and give controller your power.

Throttle management/ Zarządzanie manetką gazu
Road offroad mode 250W / Tryb legalny 250W a tryb nielegalny

Switch quickly between the statutory mode (250W, 25km/h)
and offroad (without restrictions).

Add cruise control function.

Features of the MPe computer and cruise control / Funkcja komputera MPe włącza tempomat
MPe computer with a dedicated smartphone application / komputer MPe z dedykowaną aplikacją na smartfon

Read and set all parameters
of your e-bike via your smartphone.

Protect your motor or controller against overheating.

Overheat protection Motor and Controller / Zabezpiecznie termiczne silnika i sterownika przed przegrzaniem
Maximal Current 200A_battery voltage 150V / maksymalny prąd 200A, napięcie 150V

Maximum measured current 200A, supported battery voltage 5-150V.

Features of the MPe computer give us a number of capabilities. They have been already appreciated by many users, including electric bicycle riders. The system we offer has started a revolution on the electromobility market, in particular among e-bike owners.

Do you also want to convert your bike into an electric bike? Regardelss if you will do it yourself or outsource this task to the company – this equipment is most likely for you. By buying our system, you will equip your e-bike with additional, unique features. They will make your ride much more comfortable and safe. First of all, you will discover many new possibilities that are often not included in common systems and displays on the market.

In addition, we provide technical support and a number of helpful instructions and materials. Thanks to our vast experience and years spent in the field of e-bikes, we can help you solve any problem. That is why many owners of their e-vehicles, mainly those built from scratch, have trusted us.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to CONTACT US. Perhaps you are interested in cooperation? We are pleased to hear that, please contact us.