Detailed information about the MPe computer can be found on the manufacturer’s website:

Here you will find:

MPe user manual

  • all necessary information about the MPe system operation
  • schematics of the MPe connections to the vehicle
  • list of configuration parameters
MPeV6 user manual
Komputer MPe (V6) - prezentacja i instruktaże

MPe instructions - Youtube

(use the option to enable subtitles)

  • MPe computer presentations
  • description of the MPe system operation
  • instructions for connecting the MPe computer to the vehicle
  • users’ opinions

MPe firmware update

  • firmware update process
  • process of initialization and restore default values
Programator uniwersalny do aktualizacji oprogramowania
MaxiColor 850C display

Firmware update - MaxiColor 850C display

  • description of the MaxiColor 850C display firmware
  • how to program the MaxiColor 850C display
  • instructional video

MPeBT app for smartphone

  • downloads the apps 
  • description of the installation process
  • DIY – download the MPeBT application project
MPe computer with a dedicated smartphone application / komputer MPe z dedykowaną aplikacją na smartfon

MPe and FAQ

  • when purchasing the MPe kit
  • when installing the MPe system in the vehicle
  • during its use

Genesis of the MPe computer

  • History of the MPe (from version V1 – V6)
  • changes for a particular version
  • photo gallery
Geneza komputera MPe